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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Starbucks Part I (English Narrative)

*Relacionado con las series de Starbucks. Las pueden encontrar en este link.

She continued to drink her coffee. The man did not look up to see her. The day was nice. It wasn't too cold or hot. People came in and out, most looking for chairs. He had asked for the last one available. So people were forced to leave, hesitant, just in case someone might get up. She was enjoying her novel. It was the time when she had seen one of Jane Austen's favorite lines in Sense And Sensibilty. She had written about deserving the compliment of rational opposition. The compliment of rational opposition! Wow, she thought, how many people have I complemented in life! But it also amused her how this very simple girl seemed to know so many complicated things about extremely simple people who pretended to be complicated. And it was then that she realized how much time she had wasted, but how much more time she now had on her hands to focus on giving people who deserved it, that marvelous compliment. And then he looked up. She noticed. She pretended she didn't. He said, 'excuse me, you are really enjoying that book, aren't you?' She affirmed, planning to go right back into it, smiling inside, questioning if he really was what he appeared to be.

He noticed how big the book was and learnt that it was a collection of the seven novels. Observed her. She took notes. Wrote on the margins, smiled, had a curious look, smiled again. Sometimes you could see her teeth, other times she just grinned. He liked it. He thought there was something odd about her, something mysterious, or intriguing. She began to see him as a psycho and payed no mind. He apologized for interrupting her, looking for something else that she might say that would allow them to talk some more. She said, 'you're not bothering me, I am fond of observers, there's a lot to learn and teach from them'.

She asked wether he was a teacher or a learner. She liked his smile. He talked fluently. She soon realized that he was witty and they went on to have a conversation for a few more minutes, a conversation that would eventually lead to, probably not exactly what the reader might expect. But something that the writer is not in the mood of giving away, not just yet....

To be continued...


José Gómez said...

Ya estoy esperando la continuacion....jajaja...Muy interesante tu blog, cuando puedas pasate por el mio.

Multifaceted said...

Hahaha, por ahi viene!!

Ya me di un paseito por ahi, ta chevere, te agregue a mi reader.

Un saludo para ti y tus nenes!!

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