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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Un Dia Raro

The above picture is a real NYC train.

On Sunday I hung around 49th street and saw what I had forgotten was supposed to happen there. It was the premiere of Mad Men. Goodness, I got so exited! Specially after seeing one of the actors there. I had never seen this show before, but I got curious one day because Baakanit had mentioned it. I loved it since I saw it, and I cannot believe that I missed the exclusive premiere in my city. The Ad for the event was New York Has Gone Mad. Aw, I loved it. I couldn't stay because I was hanging out with pretty hungry people who don't watch the show. But the event was very nicely set up. They had sat people in tables with white sheets. They had waiters serving them in those 60's uniforms, white jackets, black ties. I even heard that there were people dressed like the 60's competing for a prize. It was very unique and I wish I had planned on going.

On the way to the restaurant I once again remembered by blog friend Baakanit who has a blog about the strange things he bumps into in New York. I saw this homeless guy holding a piece of carton that read: CAN I HAVE A BEER, MAN. Hahaha, so original and honest too, I gotta give him that. I wonder how often people give him money and it was sort of a nice contrast, having just seen the Mad Men event and that kind of advertising. I guess that even the homeless need good advertising, huh?

We ate and then went back to where the event had been. Everyone was gone and things were being put away. I had never sat in those TKTS stairs, but for some reason I did having my coffee. And then I found a funny looking notebook. It was really strange looking. I saw a woman writing behind me and I asked if it was hers. She said no and then I proceeded to read. It turns out that the little notebook belonged to a dancer, and this person writes the most important things about the dances she/he choreographs. Gosh! It was so poetic. I loved it, and then about halfway through the notes, I really felt like returning it. But I have no idea who is the owner and there's too many different numbers and names, also adresses not only from New York, but from other states. So, I've decided to keep it and read it from time to time. Those dance notes can really inspire me to write some pretty neat things.

Anywho, it was a very strange day. But I also loved it. Wow, I even went to a weird Starbucks that didn't have chairs! I looked at the girl behind the counter smiling like if I knew something she didn't and said: excuse me, where are the chairs? She smiled and said that they don't have any, that that's more like an express Starbucks. I thought that was pretty cool. It's awesome for those who need to grab their coffee and run.

I swear I wanted to take pictures and send them to my 'raro' Blother. But I had forgotten to take the camera :D


Mar said...

lol I truly enjoyed your blog much better now, i told you why already..
anyways question that photo of the trin inside... they actually decorated trains like that or not really? it looks awesome.

anyways u gotta read me those things from the dancer's notebook

Baakanit said...

I knew about this event, but by the time I finished playing basketball that day I decided to stay home. Also I was a little ambivalent, I was debating between going to Times Square or staying home to watch the premiere, which I did. This show keeps getting better. Great writing, great cinematography, great characters. I have no complaints.

I feel weird when I leave my camera at home, I don't want to miss a thing.

The chubby bearded homeless with the beer sign is always at Times Square, I'll take a picture of him if I see him tonight.

Take care Multi.

Anonymous said...

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Bonne continuation
Nicolaseo, Rien de mieux que le referencement naturel.

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