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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nueva York, Nueva York!

I have a cousin who is visiting from the Dominican Republic. She's 17 and is falling in love with New York. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing by showing her the things that I love the most about this city. I'm not exactly an expert, but there's things I love and know I couldn't leave.

We walked from 33rd street to 47th. There's never anything boring about this city. I bought her a Frapuccino and she has sorta had a crush on Starbucks ever since. Hahaha, not only that, but I also make all kind of coffees in my house and she claims that mines are better (I seriously doubt that). After walking around and introducing her to some of my friends who work around there, we went to 42nd street and she had a Cold Stone ice cream. She was so surprised by it and she again fell in love with the ice cream. We sat at the Starbucks next door to eat ice cream, talk about life, have a few laughs. Hahaha, I hope someone doesn't feel like I'm cheating on her. (I'm such a whore, I take everyone to the same places. Haha) Anyways, so there we saw all of the different people passing by. I said: One the things that I love most about New York, is that you can be anyone you like and no one cares. We're all so different, but the thing that unites us is exactly that. I love New York. I couldn't live anywhere else. Where else could we have so much diversity so easily accesible?

I don't hope for my cousin to want to come live here one day. I don't think she could handle it. She was terrified when I cursed out a pervert who wanted to grab her and talk to her. But I hope that when she leaves, she's a bit edgier and she knows that there's more to life than the people she goes to school with and her immediate family. I hope that one day she can take me to all of the places she loves where she lives, introduce me to her friends and teach me something I don't know about my own country.


The Novelista Barista said...

i do too <3

Mar said...

very nice, and don't worry i don't think that person would be jealous just probably wanting to share the moment too. lol

i wanna learn about my country too, i want to experience my country.

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