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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Starbucks Part 2 (English Narrative)

Relacionado con las series de Starbucks. Las puedes encontrar en este link.

For the following days she couldn't get that man off her mind. She imagined how he would respond to different things. She asked him questions and answered them for him. She fancied the idea of having this man in her life be a new special somebody. But she struggled with bringing it all to reality. She couldn't deal with this amazing feeling. She had to, in some way, quiet it down, tone it down. But she made his whole personality up from then on, expecting to be dissapointed the next time she saw him. Expecting him to be a product of her imagination, and then being relieved, that she wouldn't have to go through falling in love. She was terrified of it. She knew she had no limits after then, but now she had the power of witholding it all.

He thought of her, plenty. Laughed at the things that had amused him about her personality. He thought of how secured she was, but how carelessly she let her vulnerabilty be displayed right in front of his eyes. It was to him, like discovering a diamond that had been shining right under people's noses and they never noticed it. He wanted to be the man that would sweep her off her feet. In fact, he was almost sure that he would be that man. And he was confident in that fact. So confident that he had the audacity to not show up the following Sunday.

She waited, anxious. Waited. Waited a bit longer. He never showed. She was dissapointed, but then she was happy. She thought that he was not worth her time, not even as a friend. She was glad of this disappointment. All her life she expected people to fail to their commitments. She was fearless. Expected nothing. Received nothing. She sheltered herself on her own ideas and beliefs. From time to time someone would impress her. But it wouldn't last long, and it was like another ball in the basket. She would score again. Say to herself: 'no one can be trusted'. However, the following Sunday, she showed up again, lying to herself. She did in fact have more important things to do. She said she would only stay 15 minutes, then 30, then 45. Two whole hours she read and had coffee. And just when she had been tired of looking at that door expecting that tall older man enter, the very thing happened.

He walked in and saw her. Walked straight to her, asked her if she was leaving. She affirmed, acting cool, nervous, almost in disbelief.

'You want to go for a walk?'
'Yes, where are you going?'

They walked, talked, and what happened will be told, when the narrator knocks on this door, walks through it and tells you something about these lives once again...

To be continued...

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