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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rather Than A Poem, A Confession

The way that I love you is in many ways like water.
My love is pure and refreshing.
My love is violent and can sweep anything away in order to get everywhere.
My love can be like an iceberg and can also burn way below its boiling point.

My love for you is like a fruit,
like a million kisses,
like sugar was made out of it,
like candy companies would go out of business
if you were willing to sell your kisses.

My love for you is like words,
they sneak into every part of life,
they define things and explain things,
they make me fly and bring me down.
My love is written in every word of every book in the whole world.

My love for you is both an ocean and a desert.
You leave me breathless and you are my air all at the same time.
You light my days and darken my nights.
I love you both sweet and sour.
I love you both hot and cold.
I love you when I don't want to love you,
and I love you inexplicably when I want to as well.

My love is like a poem that can't be written.
There are no rules, no rhymes,
no hyperboles, metaphors, allegories that could ever be enough.
I would love you if the word love didn't exist.
I would use anything to describe it and it wouldn't be enough.

You are all and nothing in different ways.
You are mine and someone else's in different moments.
All I have is this love,
that bursts with its mightiness
and burns with a passion that cannot quite be called passion.

I love you like there is no future,
like if I was waiting for us to part every minute of every day,
like if I had to love you this much,
with this intensity, because I wouldn't know if you'll be there
the next millisecond.
I love you without intention.
Wishing not to love you is loving you more.
Wishing to leave you is getting closer.

I love you
because without effort
you tore down
everything I thought made me strong.

I love you so much that sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry.
I love you so much that sometimes my heart moves with an uncontrollable laugh.
I love you so much that sometimes my heart hurts like a bullet just entered,
warmed it up and produced nothing more but a terrible pang.

I love you like the word love is not enough.
Te amo con palabras y sin versos.
I don't need words to love you, but I have nothing else to express it.
I don't need anything else to love you,
but I want more.

I am trying to find the place where this love would fit.
The only thing I've known in my life bigger than this love is God,
and baby, that's pretty big.
So to tell you that I love you right second to God,
is telling you in a few words
that I'll never love another man in my whole life, but you....




Multifaceted said...

Even if I wanted to write a well structured poem, I couldn't....This love is too crazy, too out of the norm, for normal poetry or normal words. We'll have to create a new language for our love.

ClaudiaRita said...

Hola mi querida! Pasando por tu blog! he estado muy perdida por falta de tiempo, pero no te olvido. Veo que has estado muy romántica ultimamente.

Muy hermosas tus palabras! ;)

Multifaceted said...

Claudia Rita!!!

Cuánto tiempo!! Pues yo igual, la Uni me tiene loca!! Solo posteo cuando tengo tiempo, ya casi no tengo para leer los blogs y

Me da gusto que te hayas pasado rapidito por aquí!

Romántica, yo?????? Hahahahaha!

Saludos chica!! Gracias por pasar!

Mar said...

like i told you, this is just so beautiful! it was honest, true, full of love and it sounded so beautiful!!!

I'm very happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for loving me. I can't express what I feel as beautiful as you just express in here. You know your stubborn man...no imagination at all....but loves you crazy!!!!

Multifaceted said...

Mar~ Thanks Mar! I know you are. You know, when it's your turn, it's your turn!

Gorgeous Stubborn Josh~
Babe, I know. I love you crazy too!!! Every minute more!!!

Naa said...

holaa recien descubro este blog
y muy lindo x cierto
pero me kede con esta letra
q kisiera saber de kien es y como se llama

Multifaceted said...

Mi amor, la letra es mia. No puedes usarla, pero si puedes enlazar el post si deseas.


gracias por pasar!

Anonymous said...

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