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Monday, October 19, 2009

For J.....2 Months

No one knows
how love can take you
and make you fly
but us.

No one knows
how unpredictable
and unrestrainable
love is
but us.

Everything in here
speaks volumes
of our union.
The heart sings melodies day and night
and I let him sing.
I tell him: someday, someday.
And he obediently
and patiently
waits for the day
when he can kiss
and love
with all its might.

Happy days go by.
Happy because we know we're still here,
Happy because we know we still love.

And just like it only took two months to fall crazy,
it could only take two months to reunite,
to miss, to speak, to see,
to finally kiss, and live next to the other....

2 Months is my hypothesis.....how about yours?


Anonymous said...

sooner...babe I love you

Mar said...

awww!!... so happy!!! wow, i'm so happy for u!! okay, well yeah i'm glad you've found love, great love, you deserve it.. aww!!!

see tu me pegas el amor feeling, hehe and i start acting all silly, hehe!

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