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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Whenever I feel

like breathing I have this incredible feeling like suddenly I'm aware of everything around me. Everything seems so beautiful, so much laughter and peace among so many wars and screaming. I sat down and I could feel how my every muscle coincides with the dance of life. Sometimes it feels like a movie, a play, a musical, a poem, and no matter how hard I try to describe it, to make the reader feel and perceive life the way I do, it is always unsuccessful. I'm hooked, on life. It's like when I'm falling in love with a man and unable to think straight because my heart feels as if it's about to come of my chest. And I am in love with life, and I want to live it, but I also want to write about it, talk about it. And then it clouds my judgment. And the trees know exactly when to move and the children know exactly when to laugh and that wise old man knows exactly what to say and when to say. I am a life junkie and if there's anything wrong with what I'm doing, it is that I refuse to have anything less than meaningful moments. When I look, I really want to look, and when I feel, I really want to feel, and when I laugh, I really want to laugh. I am hooked, on life, and whenever I feel like sighing I have this incredible feeling like suddenly I'm aware of everything around me, of everyone around me and it creates amazing opportunities to fall in love, create new friendships and learn big lessons.


Anonymous said...

I wish I were a "Life Junkie" as well. I live locked in my room most of the time, I wish I had more true friends

ClaudiaRita said...

Multi! pero no estas fácil!! jeje!

Así es que deberíamos vivir, de la espontáneidad. Lástima que haya momentos en que guardar las formas es lo más factible, cosa que realmente me cuesta mucho trabajo, por lo cual regularmente no le "doy mente".

Mar said...

aww you are sooo hooked on life! I'm glad!.. and by the way if anybody says that's a really bad addiction, don't mind them, lol

I think that when your judgment gets all cloudy, then just relax again so you can find what you were trying to express with clarity... but u know already.

Nicole said...

I really like how you describe life. I, too, see it as a beautiful thing we should cherish and never take for granted. Unfortunately, it's not always easy and what's harder is still have faith in it. I believe that since you love life so much, it'll love you in return and give you all the best things it has for you.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I really appreciate your comment :)

- Nicole

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